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***Changes for this page will occur September 2001.

        Joey, Caleb, and Liam    
        My Three Sons

        JOEY                             CALEB


Favorite Animal; A Pig

Caleb-3; I still love bugs, and my favorite of these is the ant! I like when my Mom reads me stories about animals, and I have fun watching my beta fish and water frogs too. I want to be a fireman when I grow up.  I also enjoy spending as much time as I can playing outdoors and riding my hot wheel!

Favorite Animal; A Mountain Lion

Joey-6; Actually my favorite animal is the 'mountain' lion, but someday Mom will get it right! (until then, the blue cougar above is pretty cool)!  I am in the first grade and looking forward to summer in a big way. I have learned to read and do math this year, and I love to spend most of my time playing soccer, yes, I am on a team.  Lately I have been having fun using my walkie talkies with Mom, and I just got glasses!!!  I hope to be a police officer when I grow up .                                   

Favorite Animal; Any

Liam-1; I am a year old in April...yeah! I started walking at the end of my ninth month, and now Mommy has a hard time trying to catch me! I have five teeth, say about ten words, and love playing with my older brothers. The reason Mommy put the Cockatiel as my favorite animal is because I am captivated by hers! I am always smiling and I am quite the cuddly bug!!! When Mom finally gets a scanner, you will get the chance to see some fun pictures of me and my brothers.