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You can find the bordered backgrounds below at:     

The bluebird bordered background along with many other backgrounds to choose from can be located at:  

Red Bellied Parrot below is Mine, feel free to use.


The following pictures are a variety of some, out of many in a GREAT collection. To find theses and more, go to:

These you can clip here if you like, or find more at the following:

And the others came from:

This particular photo was at one of my favorite sites for breeders etc. It is:


This one is from a friend of mine, Ed Slominsky. You can find him at:


The buttons below, and more, can be found at the FIBC
(First Internet Bird Club)
Go to:

Thank you for stopping by, and don't forget that all of the sites I have listed, have more to choose from than what I have displayed here.
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